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Part 31: Cliff Notes, "Awan Brotherhood / Hillary's Hackers"

George Webb
The following are best-effort transcriptions of the George Webb Video Series. The series is a daily, ongoing open source investigation of HRC with researchers in #HRCRatline on twitter and facebook and trello.
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  • [Day 182.1 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Good to get back to the slides to sum up the reporting. A lot of knocking on doors and visiting places in the last couple of days so. Here's my conclusions:
    • What I see Hillary doing with ISI and business leaders is sort of the same thing Rockefeller did with the Pinkertons: in the same way that the Pinkertons cleared the rail lines for the Rockefellers and the robber barons--ISI is clearing the ratlines for Hillary, and that group of investors.
    • I went to Cleveland, I went to NY, to Chicago, to show these different places to Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, to show these different ratlines, and show how it was happening: how these ratlines were being created, how they were collapsing neighborhoods, streets, creating cheap real estate purchasing opportunities and that's what I want to talk about today. Which is using these ratlines to collapse neighborhoods, streets, taking advantage of local populations and then pushing them into lives of crime getting them involved in loansharking, getting them involved in drugs and so forth, and buying real estate on the cheap as the final coup-de-gras.
    • With respect to the Cleveland Clinic, I'm going to point out Tom Glocer. Tom Glocer is a longtime Hillary supporter: one of her key supporters in fact. He is one of the key people doing the real estate investment in NW, the lakefront properties, in Chicago, the NY area, as well as Cleveland area, and Michigan area.
    • Kind of is the: I would guess the real estate baron. Of course he's on the CFR, of course he's a trustee of the Cleveland Clinic.
    • Really this is the last step in this process of collapsing an area, collapsing a street: a hospital as a non-profit buys it, a lot of public money is then used to pay for the facilities that come in, whether it's hospice care, nursing care, cancer care all the different things the Cleveland Clinic does.
    • I take all the IP out and move that to Dubai do training of my poeple overseas to be doctors, not that it's not great to train doctors in the UAE, but I believe that doctors should be trained here in the Cleveland Clinic. We really shouldn't be worried that much about repressive regimes and their economies when they are swimming in money, if you look at the skyline of Abu Dabi you can see they aren't hurting for cash: they don't need more economic development from the Tom Glocers of the world.
    • Am I saying Tom GLocer collapsed the neighborhood on 185th and killed those car dealerships--those people running the car dealerships--for Hillary? No of course not saying that.
    • I'm just saying is that when real estate ppl like Tom Glocer create an environment where gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, to allow Ibrahim to run an international crime syndicate in PK. He owns 9 homes in PK, he has been responsible for the bombing of Mumbai in 1993, 2007, 2017. Long time contact with PK ISI. Uses the PK 111th for all those bombings in Mumbai. Owns five star hotels in India still.. Owns 9 homes in PK. Huge investments in the UK. Now that Indian intelligence services is tryiing to get him out of India, he's investing now--through the Tom Glocers of the world, through real-estate investment trust--so there's a sanitation layer--into these areas that Tom Glocer is talking about.
    • When the Andrew McCabes of the world allow their friends to invest for any reason, any amount of money, no questions asked, where there's no check on the money laundering, it creates this type environment where you open it up things to gangsters. Al Capone said what one great regret do you have? "Well I probably should have bought a bank." He didn't think that to make bank profits, He said that because he wouldn't have been caught on tax evasion: he would have been able to cleanse the money.
    • What Andrew McCabe is doing is creating an environment where gangsters can invest in the United States. When you create investment opportunities for people like this they don't care when a nice couple who have been in business for 33 yrs get executed on 185th avenue. All they care about is building that casino on 185th avenue, or building that hospice care clinic; or building that new cancer clinic, or EM facilities; or some kind of drug rehab along that Golden Route on the way to Cleveland Clinic with Methadone centers and treatment centers.
    • It's impossible to predict the future, but from everything I see, it reminds me so much of Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago-- this is what creates the Homen Squares:
    • You create an environment where lawlessness--no check on International money laundering--and it's going to find it's way through real estate investment trusts, through the Tom Glocers of the world. And you're going to find that 185ths are going to be repopulated with some kind of Methadone clinic; Suboxone outpatient facility.
    • I wanted to draw that parallel today.
    • Again, I don't have solid evidence that Mr. Ibrahim here, who is a longtime friend of Benazir Bhutto btw, and built a home next to Bhutto's son and chums around with Bhutto's son.
    • I"m not saying this long-time Hillary supporter is directly investing in Cleveland clinic and his plans on the other side of lakeshore boulevard
    • I'm saying when you have a Mccabe not checking the International money laundering, letting Gulen have 43B dollars in Malaysian Banks with no-check, it creates the environment for the Ibrahims and Glocers of the World.
    • This morning I'm going to be going to a lot of the different crime scenes in Cleveland today and moving on.
  • [Day 182 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • This isn't the fun part of the job, let me tell you.
    • I'm at the Mr. Cars dealership again
    • This is the corner: you can see the blood spatter pattern where someone was executed. I believe that probably was where Mike was executed. I'm not sure, but the Dusenberg photo is awry just above the corner there.
    • Looks like he had some tools out, etc. I'm guessing those are his glasses
    • There's a broken chair in the foreground.
    • It looks like with the spatter pattern, there's a U shaped area of solid material in the corner, and lighter spatter on the right wall, and on the lower corner of the door there is a blood pool there as well.
    • So I don't know if that meant Trina was shot on the way trying escape to the back door--that's what the Police are saying
    • There are several things that don't make sense about this murder
    • First of all there was a dog, they owned a doberman
    • They were killed sometime between 7 and 10 o clock. The dealership was closed at 6 so why on a Fri night would they stay here much beyond closing? Hard to understand how they would stay much beyond 7 o clock if they were doing accounting and so forth. {{esp 33 yrs in biz, they'd leave right at 6:01pm, and do late-fri stuff on monday}}
    • The other piece to this is: wouldn't the dog start barking? If you had 2 doors, one here and one over there--wouldn't the dog start barking if an intruder was coming into the location? Wouldn't someone have heard on a Fri night (if the dog started barking). This street was at one time fairly popular for pub crawling.
    • It would still be light out, it would still be 7 o clock--that doesn't make a lot of sense.
    • Then there's the question of the mercedes. Why did the story change from the mercedes being stolen, to a 1990 Tahoe being inserted later on that was sold the prior week. The cobalt 2006 mercedes seems like it's still a part of the story, and somehow has been dropped from the story.
    • The other question still remains why did the BMW that was taken from here and went 100 blocks and was recovered in a police-stop. And the person who was stopped had a series of prior-arrests...why was that person let-go by a lowlevel police officer, rather than their name and picture being published?
    • If a person had that car, it's hard for me to believe they would have had papers to show they had purchased it. And even if they had, what would have stopped the killers from asking for purchase paperwork and backdating it before they killed the couple?
    • It makes sense to me that the thieves/burglars would steal a late model mercedes. It doesn't makes sense they'd steal a 1990 Tahoe.
    • The other piece to this that I'd like to see more information is the autopsies. Whether Trina was raped or not in the backroom. I believe 4 or 5 different people were involved in this. And somehow separated the two, acted as car buyers potentially, knocked on the window, gained entry somehow.
    • You still have the issue of shooting the dog, the dog barking, there's a tremendous amount of commotion, you can see the chair being broken, pieces all over.
    • If you look at this neighborhood, this is quite out-in-the-open. This is all glass [store front is all large windows], in every direction. There's also a garden center [which is also a hydroponics store] -- they would have been able to see across the street from 7-10 o clock, I can't imagine friday night, them not being open.
    • People would have passed by here. People would have been making phone calls. Cellphone records have not been released.
    • There's a 7500 reward here. Of course I will never accept any money of any kind, I will only donate it to Judicial Watch if the killer is found
    • I believe we have to solve this crime and bring back some civility to these cities.
  • [Day 182 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • I'm at a bird sanctuary in Toledo OH up on the Lake Erie and I used to come up here to Cedar Point near Sandusky, so this is a bit west of the on the way to Toledo
    • Looking into the car dealer that was associated, near the Cleveland Clinic--even if that is a completely unrelated case to anything having to do with Hillary Clinton and the ISI, one of the things I knew going into it was one of the board members Tom Glocer was a money-mover.
    • He moves money and he moves technology to Dubai.
    • It just doesn't seem right that a key guy on the board should be moving so much technology and money to a foreign country. Especially a foreign country that is so wealthy like Dubai. With some of the tallest buildings in the world. It seems odd there's this back and forth with the doctors. It seems odd that there's this organ harvesting traffic in Turkey and Iran and the northeast corner of Iraq. The ratlines just stink to high heaven.
    • So any time I see a guy like Tom Glocer on the board of a large medical institution--a guy who ran Reuters, and took every Reuters investment advisor and ran them through Ann Arbor, Michigan to try to convince them how tax-free real estate investments in the US was the best way to go bringing in people from all over the world--then I also have my doubts.
    • Tom Glocer also I believe has two daughters that are each married to--I'm not going to say PK ISI--but definitely Dubai-connected Pakistinians. **One of them might be Javed's son. Mr. Riceland, Sugarland Express.
    • So in all these things, when I start these out, I know there's an end in mind--I know there's a connection. And I'm trying to find it through connections and leads that may help solve murders and stop this kind of ghettofication of our cities to be sold out to other countries.
    • I want to thank everybody who helped in the Kuznik murder case. Another 5k has been added to the reward. If anything we've added some light instead of just heat or just emotion to an investigation.
    • This is how it's done. This is the success to me of opium medium research {{erp! George fumbles with a funny spoonerism}} -- "Open Media Research" also. Sometimes you have to research "Opium" to do "opium medium research" I guess {{ haha, George you're the best }}
    • On to Michigan
  • [Day 182,4 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • I feel good about this trip to DC, NY, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto--I feel like the hard part of this is done
    • When Glocer at Cleveland Clinic, it really comes back to what I call the "Dubai ISI"
    • Imran Awan--and if there are other Awan brothers--they really not Pakistani ISI. I had that impression in my mind, but it was too big an entity for them. They really don't care anything at all about Pakistan. Every action that I've seen, it's really this club of tight, rich kids running around using spy tools that John Brennan and Andrew McCabe has given them for a very small Emirate within the UAE, a super-rich element of cocaine-snorting, model-dating rich kids.
    • I was wrong: I thought this was a Pakistani ISI thing, but it's really a Dubai, or to a lesser-degree an Abu Dabi ISI.
    • A little bit of money goes back to COMSATS, a University in Lahore, PK
    • I think the father, Mohammed Shah, had a lot more care and concern for Pakistan.
    • But the kids don't..I've seen ZERO concern for PK. And so I apologize to PK ISI, they helped us defeat Russia with the Mujahadeen with Graham Fuller: This is really the Dubai ISI with Glocer.
    • I feel like the Dubai code has been cracked.
    • The Cleveland Clinic code has been cracked. I think now the Mayo Clinic will come quickly, Temple University will come quickly, Johns Hopkins will come quickly.
    • All the major organ harvesting ratlines will come quickly, all the major the sex trafficking ratlines will come quickly.
    • I feel really good about that.
    • At this point I feel, if Andrew McCabe decides to take me out of the deal {{ ie: ⌬McCabe⌬ has George 'suicided' or killed }}, the hard part's done--I feel like we're post-Gettysburg now. The easy stuff awaits us.
    • Because, before yesterday, I was talking about Cleveland Clinic--which is 24 board members
    • Today, I'm talking about one particular board member who sold out the United States, who moved money in massive quantities and processed it, and laundered it through Dubai, through Abu Dhabi and brought it back to the United States with these tax-free re-developments, using these hospitals to buy up this land.
    • Al Capone used to set off bombs in bars that wouldn't buy his hooch. Toward the end, he started killing these mom and pops that wouldn't buy his hooch and that's when he collapsed. It's kind of the last gasp of a dying empire.
    • I believe the Cleveland Killings, the Kuznik killings is really the last breath of a dying empire--when you have to kill mom and pops you're on your last leg
    • I feel very good about the trip. Like I said if McCabe takes me out at this point, I feel like it's just a matter of time for him.
    • I remember at the end of the Nuremberg trials, it was a lot fewer people than you thought--it was a lot of people taking orders, a lot of people being intimidated, a lot of people following orders, really was a very small number of people who ended up in the trials, under 150, and I think only about 30-40 actually got prosecuted. I think it's going to be the same way.
    • We're down to individuals now. We're beyond FBI Counterterrorism--it's such a small clutch of people within the FBI counterterrorism now, with McCabe and his clutch of people, with Brennen and a small clutch within CIA.
    • So at this point we're just adding a preponderance of evidence.
    • We're kind of a Nuremberg trials for a lack of a better analogy.
    • That's all for today and tomorrow will be another day
  • [Day 183.1 - Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 1 - YouTube]
    • Quick recap -- I'm not 'retiring' just retiring from Sunday yesterday.
    • I want to keep going to RT because they can't keep blowing up Parliament every day that RT writes a story about this. It just can't happen. I think everybody might remember the last time--what happened they turned the lights out in NY
    • I think RT's the one to run with this, since they are the ones being attacked
    • I think John Brennan is gonna be the loose thread here. It's going to unwind Mr. McCabe pretty quickly and then the whole thing falls apart.
    • What's great about the Dubai and Abhu Dhabi connections and getting away from PK is all the money connections--this is where the other side of the drug business is coming. This is going to be the Javed side of the business.
    • Looking at the PK side was a little confusing. I should have thought of Zero Footprint and Timber Sycamore coming out of the UAE from the very beginning
    • I kind of gave Imran too much credit. Not looking at the fact he was playing the role of the playboy and all these parties at the UAE
    • I had talked to witnesses who knew this group of 36-40, however many it was. I believe I've identified one of the members of the gang--the PK 111th, and I should have listened. The callous disregard for life, the parties, the cocaine, the girls, the fast cars, all that stuff--I should have listened to this source in Montreal more.
    • I wanted to go back to Tom Glocer he's going to be the key, not only through real estate investments--the arab real estate investment in the Hopitals to launder that money, but he's also going to be the key to the drug companies' investments--he used to work at Merck. While he was at Reuters he brought in all these people from the middle east, at least investment advisors from the middle east to try them to buy into Hospitals to launder the money. I talked about the different ratlines. I'm sure that the hospitals would bring in related businesses around the hospital, like the pain clinic, the spine clinic, the knee clnic, the outpatient clinics, the imaging clinics, all the 'Christmas tree of businesses that come along with investing in the hospital'.
    • What I wanted to say also is to introduce Sheik Zayed. He's one of the Emirates, basically families that didn't get to be king of Saudi Arabia in Abu Dhabi. He was one of the Emirates--Dubai has their own Emirate.
    • Sheik Zayed was the one who came up with the idea: in order to get on the map of US Intelligence, let's organize, and unite as these Emirates, and become the UAE.
    • His sons are going to be the 2 key investors now--[Sheik Zayed is] dead now--through Glocer, in laundering the drug money.
    • Over here you have Dawood Ibrahim doing the dirty work, and then moving the money through the UAE
    • This is the part I love in the research. It focuses the research. The research gets better with more citations. Once the working model becomes solidified and valid, the research becomes even better--it's like a refining, electron [microscope] zooming in on the truth.
    • The other great part about this is the Democrats want to keep this issue alive. They still want to have Imran Awan working for Debbie Wasserman Schultz doing the hacking. This is a current problem today as I speak. It just draws more and more attention
    • The fact his younger brother was paid 160k a year at 22 as a foreign national, is a glaring problem. If nothing else--if we stop right here, this is a midterm election issue for all these Democrats {{ corruption, selling out americans, and waste }}. And they just keep hitting their thumb with the hammer over and over again.
    • Nanoset technologies--there's more there but I won't ruin the fun
    • We also have more coming in on all the proprietaries they created, so the Entity analysis, people doing the link analysis I want to thank you--that's coming, we just can't go there just yet.
    • The Entity analysis and linking with Nasir Khattak--he's the guy who had the car dealership directly next to the car dealership owned by the Awan brothers. Literally right next to it--it's an obvious front. They changed the address patterns so you couldn't find it. It's so cheesy.
    • Mr. Solyndra II here with his Microtron company: he's going to be the key to a lot of the business investments--not the Hospital investments--but more the business investments, the high tech investments, bringing in the money through Reuters, and other overseas advisors into the US, and then laundering.
    • Whatever happened to Omar Awan? Haven't forgotten about him, but he's completely moved out of his commuter home in Manassaas. He's moved out of his Fredericksberg home where his kids were going to school--that's a big deal. That's the wife as well as the 3 kids--they were going to Fredericksberg HS--why the flight to NY? I believe he's working in the investment banking community now.
    • The bounce between NY and DC, depending on where the heat is, is usually the operative thing that's going on there--Schumer will hire you up there to get out of the heat...when the heat's gone then you go back to DC and do more hacking / bring more people in
    • On the EBT Card thing: you're going to find this all over the country, encouraging people who are addicts to come in, and get 50% on the card as cash--I"m not saying that's for drugs. I'm saying that take that and then go buy stuff from the convenience store. But what I am saying, though, is it's a network to recruit from. This is more the recruiting network for ratlines.
    • I didn't mean to let Graham Fuller off the hook yesterday. He did do Gladio B. I'm not saying he's without sin. Yes he did help Gulen move 40B to Malaysia, yes Hillary did move 1.5B to Malaysia.
    • I haven't forgotten about Detroit, I just don't have time right now
    • Last thing on the car dealership [Kuznik]. This car dealership murder is going to be the same as the Manassas Mahmood in Richmond: You're going to find an ISI guy hiring someobody like MS13, in this case I think it's going to be Somalis. Two Somali couples. One couple buys the BMW with the wife Trina, the other couple buys the Mercedes with Mike and distracts everybody. They shoot the dog and Mike first, then shoot Trina later in the back. The girls go outside during the shooting, they cover each door. The one couple takes the BMW down to 48th and Dennison and that's where Steve Stephens is going to kill them (they're going to find the bodies eventually). Then the other couple is encouraged to drive to Erie, PA for their payout, to go over state line to PA, and I think that's where Stevens kills the other couple.
    • Unfortunately, these these kids don't realize that when they get hired into these murder-for-hire things the ISI kills you at the end, the way that dead men tell no tales. So I think you're going to find 4 there.
    • So when Stevens said he killed 13, I think it's going to be those 4, and I think he did 8 before a year ago down in s. Ohio again with Somalis with the 8 Rhoden kiilings. If the sheriff down there would release the information and the tips, I could tell you whether it was MS13, Hells Angels, or Somalis. I believe it's going to be Somalis because that's in Columbus territory.
    • Anyway, I don't want to get into the John Kasich and his mother being from Yugoslavia, and the organ harvesting, and how that happens under John Kachich's nose in Columbus
    • I just want to say it is the Somali gangs. Again these are kids brought in from a war torn situation, they are 5-6 yrs old, they are forced to execute people, they've killed 20 people by the time they're 12, so they're perfect people to bring into the US as operatives.
  • [Day 183.2 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 2 - YouTube]
    • {{ minor correction for clarity's sake: George says 182 part 2, it's actually 183 part 2 -- these videos are single-take so bound to be errors like that}}
    • Fort Wayne, Proof of life -- as Obama is talking at the University of Chicago, I hope someone asks about my brothers with a little bit more melanin than I, and why they are disappearing in such numbers at Homen Square.
    • This is a shoutout to UC kids: ask about Homen Square.
    • Why didn't he shut it down?
    • What's going there?
    • Does he have any ideas?
    • Homen Square: ask the question
    • Other things I wanted to say was in terms of this search engine.
    • Watch this search engine go now once we focus on two key terms, "Glocer" "Zayet" {{"Zayed" ?}} family from UAE
    • Watch this incredible search engine that you've all created go to work and bring out all the different hospital contributions and expose all the money laundering and ratlines
  • [Day 183.3 Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 3 - YouTube]
    • Andrew McCabe just spoke at the CSO Summit 2017, so I wanted to send this to #CSOSummit17
    • He spoke about law and order, he said, "you know at the FBI we focus on the law and facts"
    • I know he's in charge of the Huma Server and the Hillary Server, so I also wanted to make him aware of the server that the Awan brothers had--these three Awan brothers that were working for Congress. This is Imran Awan but there are 2 other brothers as well. If you are not familiar with the case, I'll briefly review it for you.
    • McCabe-McAuliffe recap; McCabe obstruction of Justice recap
    • So while we're lecturing on law and order and facts, I thought I would make Mr. McCabe aware of some of those facts
    • Why isn't FBI investigating?
    • US Marine testimony recap
    • So there's the facts, Mr. McCabe. Now it's your turn to decide what to do with them.
  • [Day 183.4. Hillary'Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens, Part 4 - YouTube]
    • I start thinking about Imran Awan's salary.
    • I wasn't always a self-funded journalist.
    • I had some good years selling computers and computer software.
    • I had about ten years where I was paid about what he was making in taxes, and I don't know if could cover all four brothers, four brother, the full four million or five million, but I could have covered Jamal's time in terms of the taxes I paid while he was in Congress because he was there only a couple of years making 160k. I paid quite a bit of money in taxes.
    • This is an odd situation.
    • The irony is that...maybe the poetic part of it.
    • McCabe sitting over at the FBI can order up surveillance, a deep dive they call it. ELSUR. They can order a deep dive on somebody that cuts across the Dyncorp backbone of 30 different agencies. If you owe taxes, if you own land, all your electronic communications, your email, your texts. Then they can throw the hammer down on an operation on you, with the harassment thing: hire private corporations owned by their brother, these 6922 independent, private corporations that Dana Priest originally reported on, that are supposed to be doing anti-terrorism.
    • This is kind of the deplorables list that Hillary had. Without doing an assessment--because it's a liaison operation, it's through a foreign service, I dont' have to report on it--so I can do the electronic surviellance, I can order up the harassment, do the disruption, and never have created a job.
    • Mr. McCabe has had public employment his whole life. He's never created a job.
    • Imran Awan and the brothers have only come to the US since they were 22 as foreign nationals, making 160k a year while everybody else in Congress is making 40% or 35% of what they're making I just thought this is interesting you know, it's an interesting turn of events. That's all I'll say for tonight.
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